Welcome to «An Afternoon with Gloria» at 20/21 espacio de arte!

We are pleased to offer a unique experience into the contemporary and modern art from the XX and XXI century.

The program is a guided visit of our current exhibitions by our Program Coordinator Gloria Lastres. She will be available to answer visitors questions and provide additional information of the works on view for an enriching and insightful visit to 20/21 espacio de arte.

We believe there are many ways to approach Art and therefore encourage open discussions and the proposition of new perspectives. An Afternoon with Gloria will be an opportunity for you to interact with other visitors and discuss impressions. Discourse is at the heart of the Art experience – what gives it its power – whether it is between the art works themselves, between the viewer and the art, or between the people looking at Art.


Note: The visit will be held in Spanish


An Afternoon with Gloria

January 27, 2024.     16h – 17:30h

February 17, 2024.    16h – 17:30h

March 16, 2024.        16h – 17:30h

April 20, 2024.           16h – 17:30h