Our mission

20/21 espacio de arte is dedicated to presenting modern and contemporary art through exhibitions and a fully accessible art reference library. Our goal is to offer to the local community an opportunity to integrate visual language into education as well as into quotidian life through a direct and physical encounter with Art, emphasizing the essential role of the viewer and open discourse in keeping narratives and contexts pertinent to an ever-changing world.

With this objective, visits to 20/21 are welcome to all with specially designed self-guidance. We exert particular effort in developing close relationships with the members of the local educational community and to offer ourselves as an exciting and convenient extension to their current classes and programs. And access to 20/21 is open to all during business hours at the library and for scheduled visits to the exhibitions.

With integration in mind, the development of projects and programs within 20/21 will evolve directly reacting to the input of the local community over time and with each experience.

Art is language

The presentation of Art at 20/21 makes all aspects of communication a guiding principle. Just as written and spoken languages are introduced as letters, words and sentences, Art can be shared and viewed from multiple perspectives ranging from the physical attributes of the object and the conceptual intentions of the artist to the thematic contexts they are presented within. And just as it is with the written/spoken word, the ultimate goal of visual/artistic language is to share narratives and express feelings.

The various exhibitions at the galleries of 20/21 will take all these perspectives in mind, enabling a full experience of Art that is both powerful and intimate because of its physical presence.

Art is education

We believe in the potentials of Art in education as an alternative route and supporting role in learning. What is expressed and received in the form of words can be powerfully reinforced and explored more deeply with visual creation and observation.

By building close relationships with the members of the teaching community, we hope to create for them a sense of confidence and support so they feel comfortable tapping into the broad variety of information and inspiration at 20/21 and integrating it into their own academic programs. With this is mind, the library is well organized to be easily accessible for research purposes, the art works on display will always have supporting information, and the exhibitions will be diverse, touching on subject matters with a humanistic approach.

Art is community

We believe there are many ways to approach Art and therefore encourage open discussions and the proposition of new perspectives. Discourse is at the heart of the Art experience – what gives it its power – whether it is between the art works themselves, between the viewer and the art, or between the people looking at Art.

The initial programming at 20/21 serves as an introduction to the community fully embracing the potential relationships that will grow from it. We open with a basic structure replete with ideas coming from our own backgrounds in Art and education, and we look forward to incorporating the recommendations and reactions of the local community in further developing projects and programs that will best cater to the people of La Palma and the rest of the Canary Islands.