Both the face and the heart of 20/21 is the extensive library of art-related publications that greets each visitor as one enters at the very center of the building. Organized to be accessible to satisfy curiosity as much as supply material for deep scholarly research, the library is free to all with regular opening hours (coming soon).

In addition to always having 20/21 staff at hand to assist in gathering the books you might be interested in reading, a curated selection of material related to the current exhibitions is made especially accessible in order to complement and reinforce our shows.


We believe in the potentials of Art in education as an alternative route and supporting role in learning. What is expressed and received in the form of words can be powerfully reinforced and explored more deeply with visual creation and observation.

If you are a member of the teaching community or a cultural organization and would like look into the various opportunities our spaces offer, we encourage you to contact us. We are here to help you develop and realize ideas to integrate our exhibitions and research material into your own educational and creative programs.