A microcosmic perspective

May 4, 2024 – December 7, 2024

World history is written in broad and sweeping perspectives. The places and names, often associated with power and conflicts that span over eras, can abstract the past obscuring its personal relevance to the present. Art can fill this void when it takes on the role of humanizing these events. Definitely in literature we see it in the form of storytelling, and in the visual arts it is also found when artistic output directly correlates with personal experiences of their times. 

The history of an individual is as much about cultural legacy as it is recent family heritage, and viewing Art from this perspective shines a light on our differences on both the global and the personal scale. That we are all in fact unique is what we actually all have in common, and understanding this enables us to see ourselves in the ‘other’ and develop the empathy that is necessary to build a humane and peaceful world.